Costarellos Bridal Spring 2017 Collection

Costarellos Bridal Spring 2017 Collection

Costarellos Bridal Spring 2017  Collection comprises dream, grace and lightness while tastefully incorporating iconic vintage references and the timeless beauty of the past into the present.

The Greek landscape, history and tradition is at the heart of the collection, combined with a bohemian aura, establishing a style that is both chic and fresh. With a passion for creating gowns that are both feminine, modern and glamorous, Costarellos designs collections that are opulent, stylish and true to this aesthetic.

Apart from the timeless, elegant style, for which the designer is known, he has included two-piece looks into the collection, short dresses, full and T-lengthed skirts, incorporating elements of everyday life into the bridal look.

A playful, girly attitude is also a distinct feature of this collection that is all about attention to exquisite, lavish, sumptuous details. As always Costarellos is particularly attentive to the importance of fabrics, the essential starting point of all his creation.

Featuring luxurious materials such as embroidery and light fabrics the collection is the culmination of the brand’s signature use of various kinds of lace sourced from Europe, masterfully composed and layered in a truly contemporary way.