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Savoir Faire


Based in Athens, Greece, the Costarellos brand is steeped in all aspects of its native land and celebrates the quality and craftsmanship of Hellenic sewing & weaving traditions. Each piece is individually designed, hand-cut and made exclusively in our Athens atelier using only the finest European fabrics with a focus on natural fibers, including silk, cotton and linen. The brand’s aesthetic is based on the fluidity and femininity of the draped Grecian silhouette, blending delicate materials with beautiful finishings in a vibrant Mediterranean tone. Each collection is infused with references that are drawn from Greek mythology, culture, architecture and the innate beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Christos’ designs have been known to feature traditional Greek folk embroidery, structured Minoan-style corsets and traditional Reticella lace, creating a link between ethereal antiquity and modern-day sensibility.


Geometric pleats, fluid drapery and artisanal folds reminiscent of the Caryatids and the statues in the temple of Athena Nike are prominently featured in many garments that mold the brand’s creative identity through flawless craftsmanship.


The Costarellos fashion house is based on three pillars of craftsmanship – continued excellence and improvement of the craft, empowering a high level of artisanal skill and couture savoire-faire. It is this foundation of our philosophy that holds everything in place and is the evidence of our brand integrity.


Costarellos’ mission is to successfully evolve and reinvigorate its ethereal aesthetic through innovation and exquisite design, while staying true to the core elements of its heritage. The brand is also dedicated to constantly improving sustainability efforts by presenting its customers with better and less harmful clothing solutions. From products to packaging and the people who craft them, Costarellos is constantly striving to create beautiful things with the future in mind.